Sample Results and Case Studies

Success Stories

Below are some examples of results we have achieved for our clients.

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Achieving TV Coverage for US Travel Insurance Association

Kundell Communications garnered news coverage in the 3 major L.A. network TV stations—CBS, NBC, ABC—for client UStiA on the importance of travel insurance and medical evacuation.

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Turning negatives into positives

For the US Travel Insurance Association, we successfully turned negative reporting by Consumer Reports and CBS Moneywatch columnists into positive coverage. Through building relationships, providing well-written information and facts, we convinced these reporters of the value travel insurance offers and we helped dispel some commonly-held misconceptions.

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Building recognition for the US Tour Operators Association

For the US Tour Operators Association we initiated multi-media projects including nationwide radio and TV satellite media tours, PSAs, TV and radio placements, including New York City, number 1 market in the country. We created travel trend surveys and an annual trend forecast, establishing USTOA as the authoritative voice for the packaged travel industry. Using a variety of PR tactics, we educated the traveling public about the benefits of tours and vacation packages.

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Harnessing the power of the press

Washington Post runs Virgin Vacations press release, tour sells out | When Virgin Vacations created a new vacation package built around the hit TV series, Downton Abbey, they came to us to publicize it. Our press release was picked up by The Washington Post, and the rest is history. Result: the tour sold out almost immediately.




More Results

· We successfully handled media crises affecting travelers, ranging from financial bankruptcies to 9/11 terrorism, the Egypt political uprising in 2011, the Eyjafjallajökull Ash Volcanic Cloud, Hoof & Mouth Disease in the UK, and the Bird Flu Epidemic and its effect on international travel.

· We launched the P.R. and marketing in the U.S. for Club Med and directed its PR efforts during its largest period of growth in the U.S.

· We gained coverage of Rail Australia on the ABC TV network in conjunction with Sydney Summer Olympics


Press Clips

Syndicated TV segment featuring Linda Kundell as UStiA spokesperson


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Case Studies

Egypt Uprising Strands U.S. Travelers


Background The first days of the 2011 Egypt unrest which eventually toppled the government of President Mubarek, brought the country to a halt, stranding nearly 2,000 U.S. tourists. In nearly a week of civil unrest and chaos, airports were closed, a communications blackout was in effect for the first 24 hours, and local transportation was at a standstill.

Goal On behalf of client, the U.S. Tour Operators Association, the goal was to reassure the U.S. press that clients on tours and vacation packages were safe, and that using a tour operator or vacation packager especially benefits travelers during times of crisis.

Actions Media efforts consisted of preparing press information, drafting a statement for USTOA’s chairman, providing talking points, arranging media interviews for USTOA’s president, coordinating a database of evacuation plans from various member companies for media updates, fielding media calls, and drafting press advisories.

Results In addition to the travel trade press, which carried extensive information, USA Today, AOL travel, NY1-TV,, Smarter Travel,, Consumer Reports, and many more reported on the success of USTOA members in safely evacuating their guests. The take-home message was how tour operators care for their clients during times of crisis.

Eyjafjallajokull Volcanic Cloud Disrupts Travel Across Europe


Background Following the eruption of the Eyjafjallajokull Volcano in Iceland, which grounded 100,000 flights, and stranded thousands of travelers across Europe.

Goal We worked with the media on behalf of the US Tour Operators Association and the US Travel Insurance Association to inform them of how tour operators and travel insurance companies were covering travelers during this period.

Actions We surveyed members of both associations, provided summaries to the press, produced and distributed press releases, provided extensive media contact, and served as spokesperson with media.

Results The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, NY Times “Practical Traveler,” Hartford Courant,, (aol), KOMO Radio (ABC) Seattle, Baltimore Sun, and USA Today were among media reporting on how the associations were covering travelers.